Q.1 What is Ardh Sainik Canteen (ASC)?

Ans. ASC is an initiative of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) to facilitate the soldiers and their family members to provide a suitable business opportunity with one stop solution.

Q.2 Where did I get the permission to start ASC Franchise license?

Ans. Can apply online at www.ArdhSainikCanteen.com or call at 8800001240/ 8800001250 / 8800001260.

Q.3 What are the terms and condition and packages for opening the ASC?

Ans. Please visit our website www.ArdhSainikCanteen.com.

Q.4 How much time required to open/run the ASC after application registration/agreement?
Ans. First Step – Register for ASC for available area vacancy.
  • Second Step - ASC Franchise Agreement as per appointment from ASC HO with consent of applicant.
  • Third Step – Arrange space for Canteen.
  • Fourth Step - After release of payment 30 to 45 days required for supply of stock.
  • Fifth Step – Accept supply and start ASC.
Q.5 List of documents mandatory for ASC Franchise agreement?
Ans. Following documents of Applicant required ASC Franchise:
  • Please do not final space/shop before agreement, if taking on rent.
  • ASC application Registration slip.
  • Aadhar Card of applicant.
  • PAN Card of applicant.
  • Two photographs of applicant.
  • Account details of applicant.
After agreement following documents required for GST and Food licence:
  • Electricity Bill of shop where ASC need to open.
  • Rent agreement of property where, ASC wants to open.
  • In case of owner shop, only Electricity bill.
Q.6 What is the profit of branded or non-branded products?

Ans. Profit on branded and non-branded is different from product to products.

Q.7 Why billing machine & CCTV are not provided by ASC HO?

Ans. It is optional, will be provided, if applicant submit written demand.

Q.8 Can Canteen Manger increase or decrease margin of ASC products for costumer?

Ans. Yes, only additional discount can be offered to the costumer by ASC itself.

Q.9 Can we submit online demand for ASC requirment?

Ans. Yes, online demand facility is available, however, can submit demand manually in excel sheet.

Q.10 What is stock delivery time?

Ans. As per policy twice in a month will be supplied, however, presently little more time is being taken and after opening of Mini Depot will be able for regular supply on demand basis.

Q.11 Can I see some best ASC near to my area?

Ans. Yes, you can.

Q.12 Can we keep local products by procuring at our own?

Ans. No, earlier it was allowed and it was observed against 40% ASC start procuring 100% local purchase, Hence, now it is not allowed as ASC HO is keen to provide area wise local products also through coming Mini Depot.

Q.13 Why Rs.50000/- security deposit required?

Ans. Rs.50000/- is Security Deposit as franchise fee and against this fee ASC HO provide various services Software, Customer Care Service, Guidance, Supply at ASC, education, knowledge and over and above ASC brand name.

Q.14 What is the shelf life of products being provided?

Ans. Upto 70 to 80% of shelf life of products are being supplied.

Q.15 What is support system for repair of billing machine?

Ans. Tollfree number of concerned company will be provided.

Q.15 What is support system for repair of billing machine?

Ans. Tollfree number of concerned company will be provided.

Q.16 Can we demand for less than Rs.50000/- only?

Ans. No, minimum demand Rs.50000/- required to meet the transportation cost from nearest Mini Depot.

Q.17 What is claim process for shortage & damage products at the time of delivery?

Ans. Shortage and damages are claimable if mentioned in challan of transport at the time of delivery. Else no claim will be accepted.

Q.18 What is the process about claiming of scheme amount?

Ans. After sale of scheme products, if any, required amount will be credited in ledger of ASC.

Q.19 Whether expiry stock is returnable/replaceable?

Ans. No.

Q.20 Is the account ledger of ASC being provided?

Ans. Yes, this facility is available in ASC Dash Board.

Q.21 Is the rates of products in ASC is betten than market?

Ans. Yes, ASC is offering discount on entire range with the best rates of the products, however, it is vary from market to market.

Q.22 Who will bear the transportation cost for supply of Goods, upto ASC location?

Ans. ASC HO, will bear the transportation cost.

Q.23 Who will contribute 1% for widow welfare fund?

Ans. This will be contributed by ASC HO itself.

Q.24 Is GST is exempted in ASC?

Ans. No, GST is not exempted in ASC.

Q.25 What is the renewal charge of ASC franchise?

Ans. ASC Franchise agreement need to renew on every three years at Rs.5000/-.

Q.26 Can we start the ASC on less than Rs.6 lac investment?

Ans. Yes, it is allowed, if Mini Depot available in that area.

Q.27 Where did the ASC get the permission to run the ASC project?

Ans. The Ardh Sainik Canteen is running the ASC project with all due permission and license of concern Government.

Q.28 How much profit is offered in Mini Depot/Master Store Canteen?

Ans. Profit and margin are different in each product.

Q.29 Can you give me the rate list?

Ans. No, you can see during the visit at ASC HO.

Q.30 Is there any minimum monthly products demand for ASC?

Ans. Yes, minimum monthly demand of Rs.1 lac is required to maintain the agreement.

Q.31 Can I change my canteen location any time?

Ans. No, without written permission and intimation of ASC HO. If he changes location, his security deposit will be forfeited.

Q.32 Is there any helpline number for support at ASC HO?

Ans. Yes, there is a fixed helpline number and e-mail for each ASC and no other official is authorize to attend the request of ASC Manger.

Q.33 Can I collect my demand from Mini Depot?

Ans. Yes, you can collect from Depot, on intimation and against this 1% of billing value will be released as transportation cost in his ledger.